3 Hawaiian Volcano Tours that You Cannot Miss

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Hawaii is known for its volcanoes. As an intrinsic part of the history of the islands, you can’t visit Hawaii without taking a tour of its incredible volcanoes. Don’t hesitate to book a spot on one of these amazing volcano tours with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours. 


Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure & Helicopter Tour from Oahu

If you’re looking for the best Hawaii helicopter tours, look no further than Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours. With the best Hawaii helicopter tour prices around, you also fly in a state-of-the-art aircraft with a certified and knowledgeable pilot as your tour guide. For incredible views of active volcanoes and various volcanic activity across the island, book a seat on the Hawaii Volcano Eco-Tour & Helicopter Tour from Oahu. On this tour you will see volcanoes from the air as well as from the ground. During the portion in the helicopter, you’ll be privy to volcanic sights that are not accessible by land. You’ll also get an aerial view of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Within the park, which you’ll see on foot later on this tour, and overlooking the rim of the Mt. Kilauea caldera—one of the most active volcanoes in the world—is the Jaggar Museum. The Jaggar Museum monitors volcanic activity across all the islands twenty-four hours a day. 


One-Day Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure Tour from Oahu

For all the best volcanic sights that Hawaii has to offer in a single day, there is no equal to the One-Day Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure Tour. If you’re on Oahu, your airfare to the start of the tour is included in your ticket. This ticket is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with the active Mt. Kilauea. This incredible volcano, which has been erupting continuously since 1983, sits at the heart of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In addition to being up close and personal with this volcano and some other amazing landmarks formed by volcanoes, you’ll also walk across the amazing black sand beaches and experience the powerful rush of Rainbow Falls, the legendary home of Hina, mother of the demigod Maui. 


Ultimate Hawaii Experience Package

This incredible tour is three tours in one, so be prepared for three days full of fun, beauty, and unbelievable sights. From the comfort of a tour bus, your knowledgeable guide will take you from sight to sight all across the Hawaiian Islands. You’ll begin on Oahu with a complete Oahu circle tour and Pearl Harbor tour. Your guided tour of Pearl Harbor will take you to the USS Arizona Memorial where more than 1,000 officers and crewmen lay entombed in the sunken hull of the Arizona. Today, Mighty Mo, or the USS Missouri, looks over the Arizona in the same harbor. You can also board Mighty Mo and see the immensity of her turret guns and have some time to explore the upper and lower decks. The second segment of this tour will take you to the Polynesian Cultural Center where you will learn about the history of Hawaii, from it forming through volcanic activity to the settling of the first Polynesian settlers. Finally, you’ll be thrilled by the One-Day Hawaii Volcanoes Eco Tour, and inter-island tour to the Big Island which reveals all the most amazing volcanic sights across the islands.


These incredible tours are filling early and quickly. If you want to get aboard the best tours for seeing volcanic activity on the Hawaiian Islands, Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours is the best option! 

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