3 Hot Tips for Your Big Island Volcano Tour

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So, you’ve booked your seat on an epic volcanic tour across the Hawaiian islands. Maybe you’re visiting the world’s most active volcano, Mount Kilauea, which is possibly 600,000 years old. Or maybe you’re attracted to something tamer on a Big Island Volcano Tour and you’ve opted for the afternoon tour where you’ll see volcanic activity as well as some beautiful greenery. 


  1. Wherever you’re planning on visiting, while you’re in Hawaii, you’re surrounding by the proof of volcanoes. On some tours with Discover Hawaii Tours, you can even feel the rumble under your feet of active volcanoes! What should you do in order to be prepared for your volcanic adventure? Here are a few ideas to help you prepare:
  2. Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes. In some cases, you’ll be trekking across uneven ground created by a volcano itself. For example, when you visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park while on the Big Island Volcano Tour, you’ll need to cover a lot of ground to see everything that is available to see there. On this tour, you can even walk where other Hawaiians have walked before you. In fact, during its last major eruption, Mount Kilauea, the focal point of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, killed over 5,000 Hawaiians. These are the footprints that are still visible in the rock formations, now called the 1790 Footprints.
  3. Sunscreen, a hat, and a few layers of clothing. It’s not just the lava that’s hot around here! The temperatures in Hawaii are relatively consistent throughout the year, but at higher altitudes, the temperatures can vary quickly. It is wise to have sunscreen or a hat to shade yourself from the hot Hawaiian sun as well as a light jacket or sweater in case the temperatures at the higher altitudes dip to levels that may make you uncomfortable. 
  4. A camera. Of course, no trip would be complete without the memories it makes. Check you batteries and make sure your digital camera has plenty of space so that when you visit the amazing sights on the Big Island Hawaii Volcano Tour, you’re able to capture everything to share later with your family and friends.


Your volcano tour with Discover Hawaii Tour will certainly be something to remember. There is so much to enjoy in a single day that it is good to take a little extra time to make sure you’re thoroughly prepared for the day ahead. This way, you’ll maximize your visiting time at every single, incredible stop along the way!

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