7 Suggestions for What to Pack to Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Halema’uma’u, the central crater of Mt. Kilauea, was once a sacred place to ancient Hawaiians who believed and worshiped the fire goddess Pele who lived and ruled above the lake of lava. 

But ancient royal finery isn’t the best choice for dress when you visit the mountain today! Here are ten suggestions from professionals to help you know what to bring to best enjoy your Kilauea Volcano Tour. 

  1. Bring good shoes! This one is very import. Even though most of the route that Big island Volcano tours takes to visit the park are well-paved and provide you with an updated and comfortably motor coach, there is a fair bit of hiking to reach overlooks and scenic locations such as Rainbow falls, Black Sand Beaches, Thurston Lava Tube, Kilauea Iki Crater, and a short hike through the tropical rainforest around the volcano. You need to make sure that your feet will be comfortable and up to the terrain. 
  2. Bring a (good) camera There is no guarantee that any tour on any particular day will be able to see lava flows, but the odds are in your favor! Bring a camera to catch memories of you and your family with stunning landscapes behind and natural wonders all around. Cell phone cameras just aren’t up to the task!
  3. Snacks Parents and others, while there is a lunch stop you will want something to keep your energy up through the tour, as it does take a number of hours to really appreciate the best sites around the Park. 
  4. At least one extra layer Hawaii may be a tropical paradise, but on occasion the frequent rain showers you find can get somewhat chilly and cold. Have an extra layer just in case so that you will be ready for anything. 
  5. Sunglasses/hat Just a reminder that Hawaii is tropical! The sun gets very bright and there is much too much to look at to have headaches from the glare! 
  6. Your own water source While this isn’t a hiking tour, there is a fair bit of movement involved and you will want your own way to stay hydrated and to easily carry your water as well. 
  7. But remember to pack light These tours are intended to be completely immersive and show you as much as possible of one of the only up close and personal volcano tours in the world. Don’t burden yourself and stay light and mobile for the tours and the many attractions you’ll be visiting. 


Packing for Mt. Kilauea

Pack light and pack right with this helpful packing guide for Kilauea volcano tours with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park!
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