Beware Pele!

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It isn’t often that you run into a article labeling an internet myth “true.” But if you look here you’ll find an article by the popular myth debunking website that does just that!


The story involves the most beloved Hawaiian goddess, Pele, the hero of dozens of myths and legends from ancient times and a still commonly referenced figure in music and popular culture. Pele, according to the stories (there are many versions) lives in the Halema’uma’u, or cater, of Mt. Kilauea the Hawaii Volcano.


The story, as it goes, is anyone who removes black stones or sand from Pele, who steals volcanic ‘children’ from her mountain, falls underneath Pele’s curse and will be pursued by bad luck afterwards. And not just, ‘bad luck’ in the stub-your-toe sense. As Snopes puts it “Pele's supposed curse is not a mild-mannered one. Those allegedly afflicted by it don't misplace their car keys or develop runs in their stockings — their bad luck is of the grievous variety. Pets die. Jobs are lost. Houses burn down. Sudden and devastating illness strikes loved ones. Marriages break apart.” 


Whether you believe the stories or not, others certainly do! Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and some local hotels receive hundreds of packages containing rocks or volcanic soil from desperate former visitors hoping that returning these items will rid them of their bad luck. The stories that some of these notes contain are, well, fascinating.


Of course, the curse is no reason not to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park! The natural wonders and Volcano activities found here never fail to impress, from the smoke venting through cracks in the earth to the sight of a river of brand new stone flowing down the mountainside towards the shore, burning into the ocean and building up Hawaii one bit at a time.  


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On your vacation to Hawaii active Volcano tours might just be your favorite experience—angry fire goddesses aside! 


What is Pele’s curse?

Learn about Pele’s curse with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours as you scale Mt. Kilauea and see famous black sand beaches, volcanic monuments and features, and watch Hawaii built before your very eyes!

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