Big Island Boat Tours

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One amazing way to experience tours on the Big Island in Hawaii is by boat. Big Island Boat tours are great ways to experience many of the Big Island activities that are available; boat tours are especially great for those who are interested in snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming along some of the most beautiful coasts on planet Earth. Snorkeling or scuba diving in the waters surrounding Big Island are wonderful ways to explore the underwater world, spot exotic plant life, and catch glimpses of magnificent, brightly colored organisms in their natural habitats. 


One of Discover Hawaii Tours’ top boat tours is the Big Island Morning Snorkel and Dolphin Adventure. You will begin your tour by boarding a luxurious 65-foot catamaran. On this fantastic boat, you will venture to the top snorkel locations near Kona, including Fantasy Reef, Red Hill, Turtle Heaven, and Dolphin Cove. These are renowned locations for snorkeling, scuba diving, and spotting awesome creatures. You will have the opportunity to discover Big Island’s Marine Sanctuaries which are protected areas in the water, only accessible by boat, which is an ideal location for spotting various creatures that live there.


Complete with a 15 foot high dive platform, a 20 foot long water slide, a premium bar and deli, shaded areas for lounging, snorkel gear and safety instruction, and almost three full hours in the water, this tour is like a dream. It is ideal for the whole family, and will certainly keep the most adventurous members of your party or family entertained. However, this tour is no less phenomenal for those who desire a relaxing boat ride and sightseeing from the catamaran. 


Those embarking on the Big Island Morning Snorkel and Dolphin Adventure Tour can expect to spend two hours spotting dolphins as they swim in their natural habitat and interact with each other. Those on the tour will regularly spot Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins as they head out to sea with their pods. 


If you choose to take the Big Island Morning Snorkel and Dolphin Adventure Tour, you should wear swim attire under your clothes, pack a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and/or a hat, a sweatshirt of long-sleeve t-shirt, and a waterproof camera for the photographer in your party. 


This tour in particular is very popular, so be sure to secure you lounge chairs on the catamaran today! Book this tour now at

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