Big Island’s Main Attraction!

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You just can’t visit Big Island without hitting Hawaii Volcanoes Natural Park. This is what you came to see folks!  When you reach Hawaii take a moment to think about where you are—and what is under you. 


The Hawaiian Islands as a whole exist only because of a massive geological hotspot underneath—a crack in the crust of your planet pushing up vast amounts of liquid stone every single day for thousands of years! But Kilauea is still a very young volcano for all that.  The Kilauea volcano has been slowly erupting from vents either on its caldera or on its wide rift zones since 1983, and it is peaceful enough that millions of visitors come to watch it do its creative work, spilling lava down its low slopes and towards the sea


Discover Hidden Hawaii’s Volcano tours running from the capitol in Oahu, other islands, or Big Island itself, and spend a good three hours on these slopes looking at the features that built and are still building up the Hawaiian Islands, and frequently spotting real active lava flows running down the slopes. It’s something you can’t witness anywhere else! And parents, the routes and overlooks that these tours use are all well maintained by the national park service and well out of any danger zones, so don’t worry about safety issues. Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours has you covered. 


Your Kilauea Volcano tour guides are also experts in everything from the science behind the volcano, to the history of the research station’s you’ll be visiting, to the mythology of the ancient Hawaiians that surrounded these volcanic gods. 


Kilauea’s team vents and black sand beaches are a part of this tour as well, along with more conventional destinations including the Rainbow falls, lunch restaurant, and the Jaggar Museum overlooking the center of the volcano, so don’t worry about only seeing rocks all day!


There aren’t a lot of tours that run through so many famous volcano attractions or who host tour guides as knowledgeable or professional as those who work with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours. We can’t recommend the tour enough, but be aware that these Volcanoes tours are some of the busiest and favorite tours of the island so make sure to Visit and reserve your seats today! 

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