Discover Hawaii’s Big Island Tours

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Discover paradise and embrace a world of possibilities with Discover Hawaii's Big Island Tours. It is impossible to resist the enchanting call of the Big Island, where emerald valleys plunge down into the cobalt waters below, and the fresh ocean air invigorates the soul. Both a sentimental title for locals and a very fitting description, the Big Island is, quite literally, the biggest of a chain of volcanic islands, which make up the state of Hawaii.


The Discover Hawaii team hosts a treasure trove of exhilarating Big Island tours. Each tour has been carefully customized to offer unique and exciting Big Island adventures, all in the capable hands of an expert tour guide.  The sheer diversity of Big Island’s attractions and its truly breath-taking scenery caters to an array of preferences.


Splash on to one of the ocean adventures, such as the Whale Watching Tour, and be amazed by the graceful dance of these majestic ocean giants swimming right beside your boat. The Dolphin and Snorkel Tour promises the awesome privilege of close-up encounters with these curious and friendly sea creatures, as well as a gateway to experience the hidden beauty of the colorful reefs and brightly painted sea life beneath turquoise waters.


Deeply concerned with environmental protection and the future sustainability of Hawaii’s ecosystems, Discover Hawaii prides itself in operating eco-friendly tours in order to educate others and help them appreciate the stunning natural beauty of the Big Island. The purpose of the Eco-adventure Tours is to inspire visitors to passionately protect, appreciate, and preserve the natural treasures of Big Island and its cousins. The Hawaii Volcano Eco-adventure Tour invites you to experience one of the biggest attractions on the island, the grand Mount Kilauea volcano, which draws visitors from all over the world.  The Discover Hawaii team also offers a fantastic, adrenaline-pumping Zipline Canopy Tour, complete with suspension bridge and stunning, birds-eye view of the vegetation and animal life far below. 


The proud preservation of cultural and historical heritage sites guarantees visitors special insight into the fascinating history of Pearl Harbor and the rich traditions of the Polynesian culture.  Choose from an array of Pearl Harbor Tours from Big Island which will transport you back in time.  Catch a glimpse of a past life, where love and war were all that mattered. Choose your favorite from the Pearl Harbor History Tour, Battleships of World War II Tour, or Complete Pearl Harbor experience Tour. Some of our cultural and historical Hawaiian Island tours offer unique views into the lives of local inhabitants and the joys and hardships of island life in years gone by. The special Circle Island Oahu with Pearl Harbor Tour offers visitors the best of both the cultural and historical aspects that have shaped the legacy of the Big Island and Oahu.


An ideal choice of activities for couples, families, friends or colleagues, the vibrant abundance of Big Island Tour Adventures beckons irresistibly to curious travelers. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the beautiful beaches, and the delicate ecosystem of Big Island and its surrounding oceans, deserve our very best effort. The friendly team at Discover Hawaii wants to show you all that paradise has to offer and give you memories that will last a lifetime. The Big Island awaits!


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