Hawaiian Volcano Tours

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The majestic walls of Hawaii's volcanoes rise silently from the fiery depths. Volcanic eruptions are responsible for the creation of so many of the world's most beautiful islands, yet, these powerful forces remain largely unknown. Points of fascination for so many across the globe, these mysterious landmarks captivate the imagination of those who dare to look a little closer.


Essentially, the whole chain of Hawaiian Islands was formed as a direct result of continuous volcanic activity of long ago. Today, however, there are only five active volcanoes still in Hawaii; namely, Lo ihi, Kilauhea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai and Haleakala.


Why visit a fiery volcano?

Although Hawaii boasts five "fiery" volcanoes, the recorded eruptions of Mount Kilauhea over the last 300 years seem to occur, on average, only once every four years. Technically speaking, however, the last eruption has lasted since 1983. And yet, life on Big Island continues at its usual, leisurely pace.


The fascinating and powerful volcanic landscape gives a new perspective on life as we know it.  The force of nature is, indeed, a terrifying thing; and yet the world seems so intent on destroying the amazing ecosystems and delicate biodiversity that hold together all of Mother Earth.


Safety First 

The safety of guests is always the top priority of the team at Discover Hawaii.  Always striving to provide the best possible experience in the short time given, Discover Hawaii ensures that every one of the Hawaii Volcano Tours comes with a guarantee of complete safety and peace of mind, while exploring the powerful, volcanic landscape of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Expert tour guides ensure that those under their care are always well-attended and fully aware of any safety procedures required whilst on tour.


Go Ahead, Choose a Tour


Discover Hawaii offers a variety of different Volcano Tours and all include an exhilarating trip to the active volcano on Big Island, the mighty Mount Kilauhea. On the Volcano Tours, visitors are invited to discover the jaw-dropping sights at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, as well as a few must-see attractions and other tourist spots to be found around Big Island.


Tours that leave from the outlying islands of Maui, Kauai, and Oahu, include inter-island air transfers, conveniently quoted in the total cost of the tour. Each of these tours also include ample time to explore and reflect on all things ‘volcano’ - lava tubes, steam vents, volcanic activity and the world-renowned Halema uma u Crater overlook, to mention but a few.


The three-day, 3-in-1 Ultimate Hawaii Experience Tour package offers these things and so much more.  It not only includes the full Volcano Tour experience, but, also the added extras of the Oahu Circle Island Tour (that includes Pearl Harbor Adventures), a real Hawaiian luau buffet, and the interesting Polynesian Culture Centre.


What’s the Down Side?

Simply put, there is no downside to choosing a Volcano Tour with Discover Hawaii. The team at Discover Hawaii aims to provide professional and exciting adventures that forge lifelong memories for the whole family.


Enjoying amazing family vacation adventures could not be simpler. Come discover Hawaii's volcanoes.  Book a Discover Hawaii Volcano Tour today.

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