Kona Coffee Gets International Recognition

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Kona Coffee keeps getting better. Pure Kona Coffee, which is produced solely on the Big Island of Hawaii, is free of any blends and is perhaps the most pure form of coffee produced anywhere in the world. The rich decadent taste is made from authentic beans, produced on locally owned and operated family farms, many passed through generations. 100% Kona Coffee is certified by The State of Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture, having been cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, and only coffee grown in this area can be labeled as Kona Coffee.


Recently, Kona Coffee has taken a step towards global recognition. Local coffee farmer Colehour Bondera is in Italy to accept an award on behalf of Kona farmers recognizing Kona Coffee as a Brew of Distinction. As it stands now, The Kona Coffee Farmers Association and Kona Coffee Council have only local seals of certification. However, with this certification, the coffee district has made a great step towards having their product recognized as a Product Designation of Origin, meaning that they soon may have international recognition and Kona Coffee will be a household name. Additionally, this distinction opens up a whole world of international certifications and markets.

The farmer’s main concern is that without Product Designation, Kona coffee’s brand name is not protected, leaving it open for misuse by competitors to pass off a “blend” as Kona grown coffee. A “blend” is coffee sold with only a fraction of the percentage being pure Kona, mostly 10% blends. With this distinction, we may soon be seeing 100% Kona Coffee labels and Product Designation of Origin labels, side-by-side on our delicious and beloved Kona Coffee.

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