Play it Safe This Holiday Season, Let Discover Hawaii do the Driving

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As we near the Holiday season, many of us are likely to enjoy a few drinks here and there to spice up the festivities. If you are lucky enough to spend this special time here on the islands, you are in for an awesome end to the year. Hawaiians all across the islands enjoy much celebration during our “winter” holiday, but unfortunately not every party ends on a positive note.

Drive Carefully Hawaii

Big island officials recently met to discuss ways to help reduce the number of alcohol related deaths on their beautiful island home. Despite having a population significantly less than Oahu, the Big Island easily has the most numerous drunk driving fatalities of any of the Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island’s long, winding, and frequently lightly trafficked roads, coupled with the fact that many of these accidents occur far away from the closest hospital, combine to make drunken driving three times more deadly on the Big Island than on Oahu. In fact the Big Island suffers a drunken driving death nearly every eight days; a frequency that grows during the Holiday months.

Arrests on the Big Island related to driving drunk are nearly up to a sobering seven thousand since 2005. Hopefully the focused efforts of the Big Island Police Department can quell this influx of recklessness.

If you are planning a Holiday party, consider contacting Discover Hawaii. We proudly offer the best tours on the island, but we also operate as a private transportation company. We will be more than happy to help you and yours enjoy the festivities to the fullest, without having to worry about how you are going to get home. Feel free to call us in advance (808-737-3700) no matter what island you are on, and we can surely work out a way to help you party in safety. Together let’s ensure nothing tragic happens so that the Holidays can be a joyous time for everyone on the Islands.

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