Take a Volcano Tour on the Big Island

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If you are planning a family vacation to Hawaii, you might be surprised to find many family-friendly options. While Hawaii is known as the perfect honeymoon spot, there is also plenty to do with the whole family. One of these options includes eco-tourism like Big Island lava tours. You can visit Volcanoes National Park and see all amazing things you won’t see in any other part of the US. For the best selection of Hawaiian tours including Big Island waterfalls and helicopter tours, visit DiscoverHiddenHawaiianTours.com. Below are a few reasons you should choose a volcano tour on the Big Island.

  • The tour bus will pick you up from your Hilo hotel. No need to travel into town to catch this tour. Just get the family ready and out the door and your coach will be there to pick you up. 
  • Next, you’ll go to Hilo Town’s Rainbow Falls. This is one of the Big Island’s most popular waterfalls. This waterfall drops 80 feet over an ancient cave creating a mist from the pool below. There is a scenic overlook that you can hike to within Wiluku River State Park. According to Hawaiian legend, Rainbow Falls was the home of Hina, mother of Maui.
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is famous for all the live and extinct volcanic action you’ll encounter. See Kilauea Volcanic steam vents and the Halema’uma’u Crater overlook. You’ll also get to stop at a black sand beach—the black sand was created from volcanic ash. Hike through the Thurston Lava tube. Some tours are lucky enough to even see live lava flows at this famous national park!
  • Finally, your whole family will enjoy the National Park visitor center. Teach your kids more about the natural wonders of volcanoes and learn how the Hawaiian Islands were originally formed. You can also visit the Jaggar Museum and gift shop. 
  • Worried about your family getting tired or hungry on the tour? Don’t be! A lunch stop at Uncle Billy’s is built into the tour and the coach buses are comfy enough for young kids to snooze if they need to.
  • This is a trip the whole family can enjoy. While considered an eco-tour the hiking is minimal and the activity level is suitable for children. What better way to learn about geology than from seeing some of nature’s most magnificent wonders first hand? You can’t go to Hawaii without hiking to a volcano and the Big Island is your best bet for seeing live lava activity. Wrangle the family and enjoy a day exploring this magnificent national park and surrounding wonders.

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