The Best Volcanic Hawaiian Destinations

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So you are planning a volcanic trip to the tropical Islands of Hawaii and are stumped on which locations you should visit. With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to determine what options are best for you. In an effort to help you reach a conclusion, a small list of Hawaii’s most popular volcanic related tourist destinations has been listed below. 


Mount Kilauea

No volcano tour in Hawaii could be complete without a visit to its most active and explosive volcano. Mount Kilauea, which is located on Big Island along with two other volcanos “Mauna Kea” and “Mauna Loa”, is the youngest of the three, but also the most powerful. It has been erupting continuously since 1983, and is the talk of many local Hawaiian myths. Witness real molten lava firsthand, and take part in this journey of a lifetime.


Kilauea Volcanic Steam Vents

While you are visiting Mount Kilauea, make sure you pay a stop to the volcanic steam vents. Feel the steam rise to the surface from miles of underground freshwater reservoirs, and witness this amazing occurrence that has been ongoing since before Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Tours even began.


Black Sand Beaches

Few things are more eerie or satisfying than treading on the hardened and shattered remnants of lava. Black sand is formed when lava hits water and cools quickly, resulting in these very rare and amazing beaches. They are so rare in fact, that unless lava flows again to replenish them, they will eventually disappear. It is for that reason that Hawaii has outlawed the removal of any black sand from its shores. Add your name to the list of tourists who have seen these beaches before they vanish!


The Thurston Lava Tube

Once a channel of fast moving lava, eventually the outer layers of the tube began to harden and the lava flow diminished. What remained was an underground tube-like tunnel that is easily traversable by guests. Guides will lead tourists through this well-lit cavern and provide interesting commentary on the history of Hawaii and its volcanic activity.


Jaggar Museum & Gift Shop

Don’t forget to stop by this world renowned location for more fun sites and souvenirs!


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