There’s More to Volcanoes than Meets the Eye

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Many of us were in an elementary class once where we were given an assignment to create a working volcano. For most of us, this meant doing research in the library and asking our parents to help us find a way to make our volcano spout colored corn syrup. How many of us can boast that we been to edge of an actual, active volcano, or better yet, witnessed the steam of volcanic steam vents, or put our toes in the sand of black beaches? 

You can experience all this and more on the One-Day Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure Tour from Oahu. 
On this trip, you’ll be able to witness the most active volcano in the world. Mount Kilauea stands at the very heart of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and on this tour, you’ll be able to stand close enough that you’ll see the smoldering top of the volcano and even steam from volcanic steam vents. When you visit Mount Kilauea, not only are you seeing some of Hawaii’s best natural wonders, you’re also witnessing Hawaii’s history as Kilauea’s eruptive force is what made, and continues to make, the island of Hawaii. Though the site is active, the last known violent eruption of the volcano occurred in 1790, when it killed more than 5,000 people with its vicious eruptive force.  


Like the steam vents, there are other natural wonders you’ll be able to see on this tour that are the direct result of volcanic activity on the Hawaiian Islands. For example, you’ll be able to stand inside the Thurston Lava tube, an underground channel formed hundreds of years ago by the flow of molten lava. You’ll also experience the unique feeling of black sand on the Big Island Black Sand Beach. Never heard of black sand? It is the direct result of molten hot lava colliding with the cold ocean waves. The lava hardens on contact and shatters into fragments that are small enough to be considered sand. You’re sure to be in for one beach time experience you’ll never forget.


Another volcanic wonder you’ll be able to witness while on this Hawaiian volcano tour is the Halema’uma’u Crater Overlook. Located inside the caldera of Mount Kilauea, this crater often wows visitors with a plume of smoke rising from it. The crater here erupts from time to time and the landscape around the crater is constantly changing, making it an exciting place to visit again and again.

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