Volcano Tours Maui Volcano Tours From Oahu

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One Day Inter-Island Tours May Be The Volcano Tour Solution For You!  


Many guests vacationing Hawaii talk about it like visiting a city, such as Chicago or Miami. But that comparison just isn’t fair! There are states that are smaller than Hawaii, and even in those states there aren’t vast areas of water between the different Islands. You may be able to see all the sites in one city in a few days with a car or cab money, but visiting all the famous sites in Hawaii requires boats or planes on top of car or tour rentals. These barriers surprise many visitors who just think of the islands as “Hawaii” and force many to make hard choices about which island they will stay on—and what sites they won’t be able reach.  


Fortunately, even with the Pacific Ocean in the way, it is possible for visitors to see everything that they want without dealing with the hassle of arranging transportation—especially Big Island Hawaii Volcano Tours! 


Just arrange your tour with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours and check out options for Volcano tours from Oahu, Maui, Kanai, and Big Island as well. These tours all hit the big sites—everything from the Thurston lava tube running deep into the mountainside, to the beautiful Rainbow falls, Jaggar Museum and Caldera overlook, and Black sand beaches. While there is no guarantee that you’ll see lava running into the ocean, there is a very good chance! Many days you can literally watch as hundreds of tons of new island is formed from the liquid stone hissing into the ocean. It’s magical, an experience you can’t get anywhere else. 


Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours partners with local air options to provide your airfare INCLUDED in the prices of your tours. Just get to your departure location and they’ll take care of the rest! Volcano Tours Maui leave from Kahului Airport (be at least one hour early for your flight), Volcano tours from Oahu leave from Waikiki with pickup options, and Volcano tours from Kauai leave from Lihue. In each case you’ll be flying into Hilo airport where tour coaches will be waiting to take you into the wilds of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where expert tour guides will lead you around some of the most beautiful natural monuments and wonders you will ever see.  


No matter which Island you are staying on, Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours has an interisland volcano tour option for you! Check out all your options at DiscoverHiddenHawaiiTours.com and book your seats today.

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