What Should I Bring On A Tour From Oahu To Big Island?

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No trip to Hawaii is complete unless the one visiting is able to see as much of Hawaii as possible. This means hopping from island to island and being up for whatever adventures happen. However, as you plan your trip to paradise, putting together a short vacation that manages to squeeze a stop to all of the islands can be difficult. That’s why Discover Island Tours has put together the perfect inter island tour packages. One of their most inclusive is from Oahu to Big Island, and as you’re getting all of your gear together for the adventure of a lifetime, here are a few must have items to bring with you.


No trip in Hawaii should happen without a camera in tow. Whether you have the most update, digital camera or a disposable, you’ll want to capture as many memories as you can. Always be prepared however with a protective case, additional batteries, memory cards and lenses to ensure the best pictures of your trip.


Your tour will take you through many different climate changes as well as various modes of transportation. You will want to dress comfortably with lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool during Hawaii’s warm days. Don’t forget to bring along a windbreaker or sweatshirt though, as temperatures can change depending on your elevation. Finally, solid, comfortable shoes will be necessary as you will spend time walking.


The Hawaiian Islands are surrounded by water, so you can be sure that at some point during your tour you’ll have the opportunity to take a dip in the ocean or a waterfall. Keep your bathing suit with you, as well as an appropriate cover-up to use when you’re finished. Water shoes are always a great item to have on hand, especially if you’re swimming near reefs.


You won’t want to bring your entire savings with you as you travel, but you should keep a credit card or small amount of cash. Beautiful souvenirs can be found in Hawaii and you’ll want to bring a few home with you. Shopping at street vendors and small shops is a great way to purchase a bit of the islands to carry with you forever.


To ensure that you stay hydrate, bring along a refillable water bottle that you can use during the duration of your trip.  


Finally, the best item to bring on any Hawaiian tour is an attitude ready for adventure. There’s a lot to see and do and you’ll want to experience every bit. For more information on what items to bring on your inter island tour, visit discoverhawaiitours.com. 

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