What Wildlife Can We Expect to See On Big Island?

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A trip to Hawaii is typically not sold in the same way as an African Safari, meaning that the landscapes are what people often look forward to rather than the creatures that dwell in them. However, if you are looking forward to a trip to the Islands you won’t want to miss seeing the vast array of animals who call the tropical paradise home. The best way to see all that Hawaii has to offer is to take an inter-island tour through Discover Hawaii Tours; this gives you the opportunity to see land animals as well as those that dwell in the ocean.  Island hopping, with one of the Oahu to Big Island tours might give you the opportunity to glimpse a few of these beautiful creatures:


Hawaii can truly be considered a bird-watchers paradise. It is brimming with beautiful, tropical birds and as you walk through the rainforests you’ll enjoy not only their sights, but also their sounds. One of the most well-known birds is the Shama Thrush, found on the island of Oahu. It is known to be one of the loveliest songbirds on the island, and can mimic other bird calls as well.


Hawaii has no squirrels, but you might spot an Indian Mongoose (known as Manakuke in Hawaiian) while you’re there. These creatures were introduced to the islands in 1883 from Jamaica in an attempt to control the rat problems sugar cane planters were experiencing. These animals are small and quick, but if you can get close enough for a photo, they’re actually quite cute.


The Hawaiian Hoary Bat is the only land mammal native to the islands and if you’re lucky you may spot one on your trip. While they’re an elusive creature, they have been known to sleep amongst trees near forests, so keep your eyes open when traveling through wooded areas.


While land animals have their own charm, it’s the ocean creatures that draw crowds. Favorite marine life that make their way to the surface are: bottle-nosed dolphins, humpback whales, killer whales and sea turtles. Discovery Tours Hawaii offers a number of tours to see these magical creatures, just be sure to wear something that dries quickly as you could get sprayed.


These are just a small number of the many creatures who now live in Hawaii. Keep in mind though, that as you sightsee, respect the beauty of Hawaii and leave it the way you came so many others will have a chance to enjoy the islands. To find more information on Hawaiian tours, visit discoveryhawaiitours.com. 

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