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Frequently asked Questions about Discover Hidden Hawaii’s Hawaii Volcano Tours

Whatever Hawaiian Island you are staying on, you don’t want to miss Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Fortunately bigislandvolcanotours.com is offering Hawaii Volcano tours from Maui, Kauai, and Oahu with all-inclusive airfare and coach transportation. Have questions? Check the faq below or call 808-690-9051 to ask yourself.  


Q. Where do the tours leave from? 

A. Volcano Tours Maui leave from Kahului Airport, Volcano tours from Oahu leave from Waikiki with pickup options, and Volcano tours from Kauai leave from Lihue. Be sure to make it to the airport at least an hour beforehand and have Passports or US state identification on hand for the flight. Also make sure to leave any restricted materials or items behind (just like any other flight).


Q. Is the Volcano safe? 

A. Absolutely! Kilauea is a shield volcano—which means it has more in common with a leaky faucet than Mt. Saint Helens. It is actually erupting as we speak and has been for thirty years, slowly spilling lava down its slopes and vents towards the sea. While guests are frequently able to spot active lava flows, you won’t get too close. The trails and overlooks are all well-maintained by the park service and your tour guide is well trained for any other emergencies. However, volcanic gasses are known to be hazardous, and you will need to sign disclaimers for viewing those from a distance. 


Q. What will the weather be like?

A. Hawaii is warm and tropical all around, but up on the slopes with the wind blowing off the sea it can get a bit chilly once in a while, especially if it is windy and rainy (it rains often in Hawaii, but the rain isn’t normally cold and showers rarely last very long). Bring shorts and summer wear but maybe have an extra layer on hand just in case.  Do plan on bright sunlight and bring sunblock, hats, and sunglasses as needed.  


Q. How long is the tour? 

For those on Hawaii Big Island the tour runs from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm so that you get the most bang for your buck! Other tours will have similar lengths but be sure to account for travel time and check the particulars for your inter-island schedule. 


Q. Are children Welcome?

A. Absolutely! There are some locations along the Hawaii Volcano tour that require some wandering to see entirely, but children are welcome to come on the tour and see the amazing natural features that are highlighted, and learn some history and geology as well!  


Trust bigislandvolcanotours.com with your vacation plans as you witness the marvels of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park! And check this list for some Frequently Asked Questions guest often have before the tour.  

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