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Big Island Volcano Buying Guide

Finding the perfect Volcano Tour is about choosing the right tour experience for you and your family. We believe planning your vacation and tour selection should be a fun and not a struggle with choices. Start your Hawaii vacation and Hawaii Volcano National Park journey right with our overview of the main things to consider when booking your Hawaii Volcano tour. 
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Private Volcano Tours 
For those travelers with discerning taste and the budget, a private Hawaii Volcano Tour is the best way to see and experience it all. 

The private tour delivers anything you want and need. You choose the kind of vehicle, the lunch experience, the length of excursion and the type of tour guide. 
This level of customized service lets you sit, relax and fully immerse in this experience of a lifetime.
A private charter also offers the ability to upgrade your lunch experience by having the chef prepare a special gourmet lunch paired with the right wine. 
Many of the exclusive features available for your private Volcano Tour enhance your Hawaii vacation experience by creating lifelong memories. 
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Small Group Volcano Tours 

Our Small Group Volvano Tour is one of the most popular ways to the experience the Volcano National Park. 
There are many tour companies offering this popular tour on the market yet not all deliver an excellent Tour experience. is a great choice for experiencing this great tour without the challenges of driving it on you own. 
One of our great advantages, is that we provide a full experience of the Island from a taller vehicle allowing you to see every waterfall and hidden corner of this spectacular area of Hawaii big island-- all in a comfortable and super spacious vehicle. 
The tour guide, depending on the season, often goes to hidden trails off the road allowing you to see lava flows that most visitors don't get to see. 
Our Volcano Tour offers an extremely high degree of customer service, Hawaiian cultural & historical yet interesting presentations, accurate narrations of the sites, wide viewing windows with anti-glare, ideal for capturing the perfect picture. You could not get all of these needed features from driving a rental car. 
Each of tour guides are individually trained to be a fun, knowledgeable and professional to deliver the best Big Island tour for you and your family and at best, affordable prices. With Us Big Island volcano tour will be an extraordinarily experience.
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Driving on your own to the Volcano National Park
This option provides you with the freedom that you can depart when you want and you can stop where ever you want. 
The cons of driving to the Volcano on your own is that, despite the fact of having an iPhone or a GPS, the signal does not work most of the time. Also you don't have a local tour guide sharing with you the legends, stories and music that enhances this once in a life time experience. Driving the road can be hard and the driver does not get to enjoy this beautiful drive.
There are many Hawaii guide books and Volcano National Park recommending that you do this trip by renting a car and driving on your own. Many of these guides are written by people that have never been to Hawaii or driven the road. They are not perceiving how hard it is to find the beautiful waterfalls and lookouts hiding behind the exuberant vegetation!
It is highly recommended to take a tour to learn the legends and to discover your favorite places. Then you can confidently drive back to your favorite place and spend a day with your family. 

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Public Transportation

At this time there is no public transportation available to experience the Volcano. 

Volcano National Park by Taxi & Uber

It will be technically be possible to chose an Uber or a taxi to visit the volcano, however it will be more expensive and not as great an experience as having a friendly, knowledgeable and trained local tour guide. 

Type of Tour Guide

Encyclopedia:They know it all and display the information in a classroom style. It's about passing all the historical background of the area to you. 
The Joker:
They are funny and entertaining for about 1 hour, but after while it gets old fast. The joker tour guide does not know how to balance with other interesting information about the sites and the legends of Pele and Hawaii 
The Tour Guide: Is all about the presentation and where to share the information on this tour. A well rounded, fun and informative tour guide offers a balanced presentation of: history, jokes, legends, music, and time to take in the exuberant beauty of Hawaii. 
Our guides share with you the information in 4 minutes segment of: 
4 mins of history 
4 mins of jokes
4 mins of legend 
4 mins of music 
4 mins of letting you take the beauty. 
This style of tour offers you our rich legend and history in a fast-moving and entertaining fashion.  

Which Volcano Tour is best?

To answer this question, you'll need to consider a few important things:
The size of your party 
What type of experience you prefer
More often than not, we hear guests visiting the volcano in their rental car wishing they had gotten a tour instead with bigger windows and more comfortable seats rather than driving on their own. So invite you to consider the type of experience you're looking for on your Volcano tour. 
With a tour bus you don't have to drive, you have larger viewing window and much more space. 
In a rental car, if your have a large party, you will need to drive in a few cars. Keep in mind the rental car seats in the back offer much less space than you might think. 
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Small Group Tours

These are versatile with great size can work extremely well 

Private Tours

A completely immersive experience while watching movies and sports.
Where to Sit in the Tour Bus for the Best View?

The advantage of a tour mini bus is that does not matter where you sit. You have a panoramic window next to you and your partner. 
Our mini buses are designed that there are two seats per row. Not only are you going to be sitting next to your family, but also with a large viewing window. 

How Many Stops?

Another advantage of the Volcano Tour over rental cars is the amount of stops we can make. We usually make about 15 stops. In some areas where the road in the park were there is very limited parking, the tour guide will remain in the vehicle while you take in the views of the lookouts or play on the in the black sand beaches. 


There are very few good places to enjoy a nice lunch on the Volcano National Park . Many people driving themselves and most tour companies bring sandwiches and bag of chips for their lunch. We think that's a horrible experience. We have lunch at a local restaurant. The food is freshly prepared and delicious. 
Combine with a Pearl Harbor Tour
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We offer you a huge selection of Volcano Tours. 
Our Hawaii offices have friendly and knowledgeable concierges to help you book the best Hawaii experience.
Our local expert concierge are great planners on hand to provide expert advice and superior customer service. will match prices of identical tours sold at qualifying online and local re-sellers. 

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No doubt about it, your trip to Hawaii is going to be nothing short of amazing.
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