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Hawaii Big Island’s Best Tour Guide

We Differentiate Our Services from Our Competitors by Offering Quality Services:


Scripted Tours

• Results in Consistent Quality
• Avoids Inappropriate or Offensive Comments
• Includes Policies about Personal Belongings & Safety
• More Entertaining
• More Accurate & Professional


Small Groups

• Our Maximum Tour Group Size is 24
• Guests Get to Know Guide & Fellow Guests


Professional Guides

• Thorough Screening & Hiring Process
• Strict Uniform & Grooming Policies
• No Tolerance Drug & Alcohol Policy
• Greet Guests when Boarding & Disembarking from outside of the vehicle


Deluxe Vehicles

• Late Model & Regularly Replaced
• Professionally Maintained & Cleaned Daily


Variety & Flexibility

• We offer more tours than any competitor. Our focus on tours and service has set us apart from companies focusing on just moving people.



Our Volcano Tours are the Best!


We began differentiating our tours by improving on the obvious. We bought better buses and gourmet food. Then the hard part, after analyzing the market for Pearl Harbor tours, we created our tours based on the following concepts:


1. Creating the Script

Our company’s philosophy is to provide consistency, accurate information and an entertaining narration for our visitors. We do so by writing a detailed script, from which our guides are trained. We went to the road taking notes of as much detail that can be seen of historical significance. We then research the legends, history, and any interesting facts or trivia regarding the route.


The script carefully balances entertainment, captivating legends, historical information, and background music for visitors to relax making the trip a memorable experience.


To enhance the experience our tour guides’ narration is scripted and presented in 4 minute intervals:

• 4 Minutes History
• 4 Minutes Hawaiian Legends
• 4 Minutes Hawaiian Music
• 4 Minutes Jokes & Small Talks
• 4 Minutes of the Tour Guide NOT Talking (allowing the guest to enjoy the scenery and digest the info that has been shared.)


2. “Making” the DHT Tour Guide

A tour guide is the most important component of a tour because he/she provides the experience.

• Our guides undergo thorough safety training, defensive drivingcourses, and CPR classes.
• All drivers have CDL — commercial driver’s licenses, which require more training and testing than standard driver’s licenses.
• We drug test randomly.
• Guides understand that “the customer is always right.”
• Guides are trained to be educators and entertainers at the same time.
• Guides are tested on presentation of tour, ensuring the presentation is “natural” and does not seem scripted, yet it is.


Competitors’ Tour Guides

• Are not trained with scripts, allowing the tour guides to say whatever comes to mind; similar to giving a 10 hour speech without notes.
• Are the “encyclopedia guides” that will bore you with all types of facts and historical days.
• The “joker guide” the has an outgoing personality and can tell you a million jokes but cannot answer any questions or share any information.


3. Goodwill & Relationship with the National Park

• We have fostered goodwill with the National Park



4. Equipment

• Late model deluxe 22–24 passenger mini-buses.
• We installed “easy ride” suspension for a smoother ride.
• Seats recline making long rides very comfortable.
• Double seats per rows allowing couples to sit together.
• Each passenger has his/her own seat (no bench seats).
• Over 6’ interiors allow safe embarking and disembarking.
• Two front windows to allow more visibility for people in the back rows.


Competitors have Large Buses

• 57- 64 seater buses —Very large, detached groups and overcrowded.
• It takes 16 minutes for passengers embark and disembark.
• No connection between tour guide and guests because of location of tour guide on the bus.


5. Customer Satisfaction

• Tours are monitored at the end by customer surveys.
• Clients are contacted and asked about their experience.
• Complains and problems are documented, used towards company improvements and training.
• Last year we moved 164,000 passengers with less than .5% of complaints.
• When we get a complaint it is documented and resolved instantly by our agent who took the call. This eliminates frustration.
• Our refund policy favors agents who are often sitting with our clients.
• We maintain complaint logs and monitor consistencies.


Our Competitors

We are the only medium size, small-group company that operates statewide.


Our competitors operate mostly motor coaches, they have a different product and different level of service and experience than what we offer.


The management of DHT are tour guides, who occasionally get behind the wheel and provide a tour to keep fresh and in-touch with customers. This leads to higher expectations of service, cleanliness, and friendliness for all staff members.


We feel that we are best positioned of all of our competitors to provide the best Road to Hana tour experience.