How to Get a Closer Look at Kilauea’s Lava Flow

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Lava Meeting the Ocean
be extending the lava viewing area at Kalapana, Big Island. Kilauea volcano, in eruption for 28 years, continuously produces lava that flows into the ocean and now visitors can get a closer look at this natural phenomenon. This better vantage point will give visitors the closest views in recent months, and the best way to experience a volcano is taking an organized tour. With expert guides fully trained in volcanology and Hawaiian history, taking a volcano tour is a perfect way to witness volcano activity. This recent episode of lava flow is perfect timing for residents of Hawaii participating in Volcano Awareness Month during month of January.
Since 1983, Mt. Kilauea has been one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Like having a personality of its own, the streams of lava constantly change in direction on the path down from the mountain to the ocean. The Hawaii Civil Defense and Volcanoes National Park decides where onlookers can safely view, depending on the speed and direction of lava flow. New hardened areas of fields of lava are now safe to walk on allowing onlookers to traverse closer to the Kalapana lava viewing. Its like the goddess of fire, Madam Pele, knows about volcano awareness month and is blessing us with magnificent new viewpoints. 
Dried up lava field
When taking a volcano tour you will witness first hand the Big Island growing in size from lava pouring into the shoreline. During the early evening hours, Mt. Kilauea’s beauty will shine from glowing lava as the sun starts to set. On the Big Island Volcano Eco Adventure you’ll also drive over a mountain at the Volcanoes National Park, see the Thurston Lava Tube, Rainbow Falls in Hilo, and much more. Discover Hawaii Tours offers this awe inspiring tour from all islands and what a great experience it is to witness Mt. Kilauea working it’s magic. Thanks to Madam Pele for hooking us up with this amazing opportunity. Please share your thoughts about the volcano eruptions whether you’ve seen a volcano or would like to take a tour.

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