Kilauea Lava Flow Destroys Home on the Big Island

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Each year, thousands of people come to Hawaii looking to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring volcanic activity on the Big Island. Volcano Tours are among the most popular non-beachside activities in the state. The Kilauea Lava flow, which is responsible for these spectacular views, is consistent enough to allow the booking of tours months in advance. Since 1983 the Kilauea Volcano has been in a constant state of eruption, making it the most active of the world’s non-submerged volcanoes. This consistency comes with a price, as dozens of homes have been overtaken by the very same scorching flows that are so captivating to inquisitive visitors and locals alike.

Ehh... Risky to say the least

The lava’s destructive powers have caused unrecoverable property damage as recently as November the twenty-seventh of this year. Hawaii News Now reported on the twenty eighth that a resident of the Kalapana Gardens subdivision, identified simply as Jean, lost her home to the encroaching flows. Built in 1990, the home stood little chance as Pele, (the Hawaiian volcano goddess) guided her molten essence to the ocean indiscriminately. Firefighters watched helplessly throughout the entire process, unable to stand in the way of this unstoppable force. Authorities stated that the flow is unlikely to threaten any other homes in the division, but Mother Nature is truly unpredictable.

Tours of the Kalapana lava fields, and the Kalapana viewing area (where tour groups view the lava from) were diverted away from the dangerous activity. Guests who took Big Island tours on that day had their hopes to catch a glimpse of the red hot liquid rock dashed by the national parks service along with civil defense, who considered the situation far too dangerous to risk more up close interaction.

We at Discover Hawaii Tours offer our condolences to “Jean” after this truly unfortunate incident. This can be seen as an example to us all of the mighty power of nature. Sometimes circumstances arise that may spoil the end of your Volcano Adventure, but consider yourselves to be better safe than sorry. Situations like this show us all that although the Big Island volcanoes are beautiful to behold, their true power is altogether destructive in nature.

In spite of this, scenes like the following are rare. Volcano Tours from Discover Hawaii Tours have much more to offer than just lava views, which themselves nearly always proceed without the slightest hitch. Still, there is always a chance of something compromising that…


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